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8th July 2009
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30th July 2009
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12th August 2009
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Before 5th August 2009
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Before 12th August 2009

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Any Time Before 16th October 2009

DCABES 2009 Program
16-19 October2009 
Yangzi Riverside HotelWuhan China

16 October

7:00~8:00 Breakfast
12:00~13:00 Lunch
18:00~19:00 Dinner

Check in, from 8:00 to 22:00, at the main hall of Yangzi Riverside Hotel.
Expanded Committee Meeting

17 October   Main Meeting Room on the Sixth Floor

7:00~8:00 Breakfast
8:30          Keynote Speech Session
                 ChairProf Choi-Hong LAI ,announces the DCABES 2009 starts;
8:35          Opening speech, Prof Guo Qingping
8:40          Keynote speaker,Prof Hai Xiang Lin:
                         Trends and Challenges in High Performance Computing;
9:25          Keynote speaker,Prof Stefan Vandewalle:
                         Parallel time domain methods;

10:10        Coffee/Tea Break

10:25        Keynote Speech Session
                 Chair Professor Stefan Vandewalle
10:25        Keynote speaker, Prof Craig C. Douglas:
                       A Prototype for Detecting Defective Pills during Manufacturing;
11:10        Keynote speaker, Prof Robert Lovas:
                       Integrated Service and Desktop Grids for Scientific Computing;

12:00        Lunch

13:00        Parallel and Distributed Computing Session
                 ChairProfessor Craig C. Douglas
13:00        Souheil Khaddaj:
                         Parallelization Strategies for Distributed Grid Computing;
13:25        Chang Hong-xu:
                        Large-scale Parallel Simulation of High-dimensional American                          Option Pricing;
13:50        Hai Xiang Zhao:
                        A Parallel Statistical Learning Approach to the Prediction of                               Building Energy Consumption Based on Large Datasets;
14:15        Jiang Wenqian:
                        The Parallel Models of Coronal Polarization Brightness Calculation;
14:40        Liu Xiaoxiao:
                        The Integration and Application of Resources for Distance                                  Education Teaching Based on Distributed Technology

15:05        Coffee/Tea Break

15:20        Parallel and Distributed Computing Session
                 Chair Professor Hai Xiang Lin
15:20        Hyoungseok Chu:
                        Parallel ADI Method for Parabolic Problems on GP-GPU;
15:45         Shiming Xu:
                        Utilizing CUDA for Preconditioned GMRES Solvers;
16:10         Jun Jia:
                        Multiresolution Fast Methods for a Periodic 3-D Navier-Stokes                          Solver;
16:35         Wanfeng Dou:
                        Design and implementation of distributed collaborative system                          upon heterogeneous CAD systems;
17:00         Mingxi Yang:
                        Fast Signature Scheme for Network Coding

17:30         Take a group photo for all attendees in front of the hotel

18:00         Banquet
                  Professor Choi-Hong LAI will give a welcome speech, and announces the                       date and place of the DCABES 2010

18 October  Meeting Room on the Fourth Floor

7:00~8:00 Breakfast

8:30         Image Processing and Security Session
                Chair Professor Liu Dan
8:30         Fahad Fazal Elahi Guraya:
                        People Tracking via a Modified CAMSHIFT Algorithm;
8:55         Tony Mclay:
                        A distributed imaging FRAMEWORK to extract, analyse and                            visualize cell features in multi-dimensional bio-image datasets;
9:20         Qiong Liu:
                        Real-Time ROI-based Background Skipping Algorithm for                                Temporal Scalable Video Coding;
9:45         Yi Gao:
                        Application Research of Image-based Automatically Footprint                           Recognition System;

10:10       Coffee/Tea Break

10:25       Image Processing and Security Session
                Chair Professor Souheil Khaddaj
10:25       Dan Liu:
                        Local Region Recognition of Vehicle Plate;
10:50       He Huang:
                        The Study of Geotechnical Engineering on Distributed Parallel                         Computation;
11:15        Dan Liu:        
                        Realization of Scene Mapping System Based on VC++;

12:00      Lunch

13:00      Information Security Session
               Chair Dr. Faouzi Alaya Cheikh
13:00      Miloslav Hub:
                        Method of Password Security Evaluation;
13:25      Qifeng Yang:
                        The Method of Tax Collection and Technical Realization Based on                     the Third-Party Online Payment Mode;
13:50      Yusheng Zhong:
                        Enhancing Privacy Preservation Framework in Distributed Trust                    Model;
14:15       Ping Song:
                        Research on Individual Reputation Management Based on Third-                        party  Online Payment Mode;

14:40        Nikos Christakis:
                        The Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering                               and Finance

15:05       Coffee/Tea Break;

15:20       Engineering Application Session
                Chair Professor Robert Lovas
15:20       Lin Jian-sheng:
                        A Back Propagation Neural Network Parallel Algorithm for Inverse                 Heat Conduction Problems        
15:45       Wenjun Xiao:
                       Principle of Symmetry for Network Topology;
16:10     Wang Yingjun:
                       The Penalty-Function Method for FEM Analyse of a Long-Span                        Reinforced Concrete Cable-Staged Bridge;
16:35      Wangjia Zhang:
                       Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage Detection based on Optic Fiber                       Interferometer Sensor in Laboratory-scale Experiment;
15:00      Mei Jun-jin:
                       Optimizing Fuzzy Controller of Engineering Ship with Genetic                           Algorithm

17:40    Dinner

19 October   Sightseeing

7:00~8:00      Breakfast
8:30            Sightseeing to Guiyuan Temple and Hubei Museum
12:00          Lunch and Conference Closed

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International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering and Science
16-19 October Wuhan Hubei CHINA