(1) Prof Peter Kacsuk, MTA SZTAKI Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary
The title of talk: P-GRADE: A High-level Grid Application Development Environment (has been confirmed)

(2) Simon Chong-Wee See, Ph.D
Asia Pacific Science and Technology Center
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Nanyang Center for Supercomputing and Visualisation
Nanyang Technological University

The title of talk: "High Performance Computing and the Grid - where are we heading?" (has been confirmed)

(3) Prof. Simon J Cox, University of Southampton, UK .
The title of talk: The Grid: Good, Bad, and Ugly

(4) Prof. Peter K Jimack , Leeds University, UK .
The title of talk: Parallel and Multilevel Algorithms for Computational Partial Differential Equations.

(5) Professor Laurie Cuthbert,University of London,
The title of talk: traffic control, network performance (Waiting Confirmation)

(6) P.M.A. Sloot (PhD), Professor of Computational Science, University of Amsterdam
The title of talk: Grid computing, distributed algorithms for scientific applications (Waiting Confirmation)

(7) Prof. Albert Y. Zomaya,CISCO Systems Chair Professor of Internetworking
School of Information Technologies, The University of Sydney
The title of talk: Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks (Waiting Confirmation)

(8) Prof. Guo Qingping, Wuhan University of Tech.
The title of talk: The comparison of Several Virtual Boundary Forecast Methods


2004 International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications 
to Business, Engineering and Science