(2004 International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering and Science)

    1. Distributed/Parallel applications

    • Computational methods in science and engineering.
    • Computational finance.
    • E-engineering and e-science applications.
    • E-commerce applications.
    • E-education applications.
    • Distributed agents. 
    • Distributed multimedia.
    • Distributed databases.

    2. Distributed/Parallel algorithms

    • Numerical parallel algorithms.
    • Non numerical parallel algorithms.
    • Algorithms exploiting distributed computing environment.
    • Performance assessment with computation/communication complex analysis.
    • Distributed/parallel algorithms in image and vision processing. 
    • geometric modelling, and fractals.
    • Compression and decompression for multimedia applications.

    3. Grid Computing

    • Infrastructure of Grid Computing.
    • Grid computing platforms and tools.
    • Grid Software and Middleware.
    • Grid computing applications.
    • New technologies and developments in computer networking

    4. System Architectures

    • Real-time embedded systems for business, engineering, and sciences.
    • Distributed information systems for business, engineering, and sciences.
    • Web resources management and system design for e-science and e-engineering.
    • Web performance analysis for business, engineering and sciences.

    5. Software tools and environments for distributed or parallel platform

    • Use of MPI, PVM, Java Platforms for web-based simulation and computing.
    • Tools and platforms for E-education.
    • Tools and platforms for E-business.
    • Web browser and search engine design
    • Mobile agents and computing.
2004 International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications 
to Business, Engineering and Science