Welcome to DCABES 2017 International Symposium (October 13~16, 2017) held in AnYang, China.

Please register before 1st July 2017 to get a discount for the registration fees and before 1st September 2017 to ensure that your paper will be included in this conference Proceedings.

Please submit your paper in MS Word and the corresponding PDF format. Please limit the paper size to 4 pages, since one extra page will cost you extra 100 UDS per page.

For registration of DCABES 2017, attendees need do only four things, three mandatory and one optional.

  1. Please use the CPS Online Author Kit to upload your final paper version to IEEE CPS and follow all STEPs to insure the submission process is completed successfully, which helps you in the preparation and submission of your final paper as it will be published in the proceedings. You can visit CPS Online Author Kit for DCABES 2017 by click "Author's Final Paper Formatting and Submission Instructions webpage (Online Author Kit) " link, which is given in your accepted paper letter. The PDF eXpress service registration requires up to five business days to process. Please note that the PDF eXpress site for DCABES 2017 will be available until the final paper submission deadline,that is,until Friday, September 1st 2017(mandatory).
  2. Pay registration fee to the conference specified bank account before the registration deadline (mandatory).
  3. Please download the registration table which is in the upper right corner and fill in it, send the table to us by email (mandatory). Please Book rooms by sending us a room registration email (optional).
  4. Please Book rooms by sending us a room registration email(optional).


Below there are registration fees and account information.(For people outside the mainland of China).

Registration fee:

1. Normal Registration fee:550 USD (register before 1st July);580 USD (register before 1st September); 680 USD (register between 1st September and 8th September).

2. For Full time postgraduate student (First Author of the paper): 500 USD (register before 1st July);580 USD (register before 1st September); 680 USD (register between 1st September and 8th September).

3. For Full time undergraduate student:450 USD (register before 1st July);580 USD (register before 1st September); 680 USD (register between 1st September and 8th September).

4. For attendee without paper publication: 300 USD

Bank Transfer

Please using U.S. dollar for bank transfer:

Wire transfer from your bank directly to the account below. Please post a copy of the remittance statement issued by your bank to us. All the remittance charges must be paid by applicants.

BANK TEL: +86-27-86795812, +86-27-86793250;
BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT No: 416030100100209107
BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT NAME: Institute for Intelligent Computing,
Communication and Control, Wuhan, China.
Sender To Receiver Information: DCABES2017 Conference
Registration Fee

Customer Service Hotline: 95561; VIP Service Hotline:4008895561
Overseas Customer Service Hotline: 86-21-38769999

We prefer you transfer the registration fee to the conference accounts through bank, not by post office. In fact the former is fast and efficient than later one. Please send an e-mail to conference organizer if there are some things not clear.

Bank Draft or Post Office Draft
Bank Draft or Post Office Draft should be made payable to "DCABES 2017". Personal checks or company checks will not be accepted. Please specify your name and DCABES 2017 on the Bank Draft or Post Office Draft before sending it to the address as follows:

Guo Qingping
Prof. of Computer Science & Technology
Department of Computer Science
School of Computer Science & Technology
The Wuhan University of Technology
Yu Jia Tou Campus
Yu Jia Tou, Wuhan
Post Code 430063

Tel: +86-15387123571(Mobile)
Tel: +86 (0) 27- 86501087
Email 1:
Email 2:

All bank charges for remittance must be paid by applicants.

The registration fee includes CD of DCABES 2017 Proceedings, welcome banquet on the conference-opening day, coffee/tea breaks, and access to all professional and social activities of the DCABES2017. Extra banquet tickets and proceedings can be bought at our conference site.

Students must submit a proof of full time student status to get a discount.Please scan the student card and send the photo to DCABES 2017 organizers by email.

Please remember to specify the registrant' name, paper reference number and DCABES 2017 on all payments.

If you have a paper accepted, please register before 1st September 2017 in order to get registration fee discount, and before 8th September to guarantee your paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

For each person at most only two papers could be accepted while she/he is the first author of the papers. The number of accepted papers is not limited for non first authors.
The registration fee of each accepted paper should be fully paid.

Cancellation& Refunds
If you have already registered and find that you are unable to attend the Conference, you must notify the DCABES 2017 Coordinator, in writing, of your request for a refund before October 2017. A $200 processing fee will be charged on all refunds. Note, in case of conference cancellation for reasons beyond the control of DCABES 2017 organizers, the liability of the DCABES 2017 organization is strictly limited to the fees already paid by the registrants.

Please Download IEEE copyright form from here.